What is a digital book/eBook?

Electronic Books, also known as eBooks, are made for reading in computers, tablets, mobiles and eReaders.

What is a DRM?

DRM is the Digital Rights Management, an access control for all digital contents that restricts the diffusion of digital content at the same time that ensures and administers copyrights.

Does Xeriph publish independent authors?

Xeriph does not work with individuals. To sign na agreement with Xeriph, it is mandatory to be part of a company.

May I buy eBooks directly at Xeriph?

No. Xeriph distributes its catalog to affiliated retailers. They sell it to the costumer.

How can I affiliate to Xeriph?

The publisher only has to click in Register and fill the form. Our Sales team will get in touch with you. The publisher will receive an agreement model to print, sign and send us in two copies to Xeriph to open an account.

How many eBooks may I send?

There is no limit for the upload of eBooks. The publisher is free to easily and quickly upload content to the platform by itself.

How does the process of distribution works?

When the publisher delivers the eBooks to Xeriph's platform, the affiliated retailers will have access to your updated catalog and the eBooks will become available for sale.

I am a publisher of printed Books and I would like to enter the digital market. What should I do?

We offer consultancy for the conversion of files. For more details, contact here.

May I commercialize eBooks in PDF?

It is only possible to commercialize PDF files in national retailers. International partners provide exclusively ePub files for sale. We suggest the commercialization of ePub format to all retailers, since it is the most appropriate to read, meeting the consumer needs.

What is an ePub?

Lighter and more dynamic than the pdf file, the ePub (short for Electronic Publication) is the ideal format for digital devices and the basis of all formats available for sale in international retailers.

What is conversion?

Conversion is the process of turning files, generally in PDF or INDD, into na ePub. This has a variable cost and will depend on the complexity of the eBook.

How does the platform work?

The publisher will receive a manual for content upload to the platform and, in case of doubt, it may count on our support team. Through our platform it is possible to extract the reports for sales and billing control, it is also possible to schedule promotions and discounts.

To which retailers does Xeriph distribute?

Xeriph works with the main brazilian and international retailers on the market.

Who is responsible for offering my catalog to the retailers?

If the retailer is affiliated to Xeriph, it has access to our collection according to its demand and strategy. The retailer may choose a restrict catalog if it prefers.

How may I sell to an international retailer?

When affiliated to Xeriph, the publisher must ask for the ammendment for international retailers.

A publisher can sell books from other publishers through a distribution agreement?

The distribution agreement does not include the access to other publisher's catalog. To sell eBooks made by other publishers it is necessary to have a addhesion agreement (????)

How can I affiliate to Xeriph?

The retailer only has to click in "Register" and fill its data and our Sales Team will contact it. Afterwards, Xeriph will send a catalog integration manual for the production environment. Once the testing of the new retailer is finished, the new retailer will have open access to the catalog.

How many eBooks may I provide for sale in my retailer?

There is no restriction for the volume of eBooks offered for sale at the retailers. Once the agreement is signed, the retailer has access to the catalog available for sale. The catalog update is the retailer's sole responsibility.

Which publishers are already affiliated?

Xeriph has more than 300 partner publishers, with thousands of titles, and is in the constant process of propection of new titles.

How do I have access to the platform?

It is mandatory to be affiliated to Xeriph.

How may I provide Xeriph's catalog to my retailer?

After affiliating, the Retailer receives Xeriph's integration manual. At a first moment, the integrations will happen only at the Staging environment. After the end of the testing phase, the access to the Production catalog will be liberated.

I have a proprietary DRM, is it possible to integrate with Xeriph?

A technical evaluation from Xeriph's team is needed to validate the integration model.

How does Xeriph Digital Libraries work?

The service provides a website configured especially for the Library, where the collection may be consulted by the public. EBooks can be read through an app developped by Xeriph for Android, iOS and Windows, which can be installed in various devices, such as tablets, smartphones, notebooks and desktops.

How to acquire content? How does the process of eBook lending work?

The lending platform is based on the traditional model of libraries. Each copy may be lended for 14 days and the devolution is automatic - after the deadline of the reading term, the eBook is returned to the library. The Library may acquire its collection of digital books through the Platform, in the administration system available for the librarian. The ingestion will be automatic and the acquired title will be available at most in 24 hours time.

Where can I read the eBooks?

Xeriph has developed specific reading apps that are offered for free to its clients. Xeriph's reading apps are multiplatform and offers a great reading experience for the user. It is possible to read offline after the eBook is downloaded, anywhere, regardless of internet access. There are features of night reading, customization of fonts, margins, text size, spacing, online dictionary, synchronization between devices, social media share, and more.
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