Who are we?

Founded in 2010, Xeriph is an eBook agreggator and distributor from Brazil, facilitating the processes that approach publishers and bookstores. To publishers, we offer a dynamic and user friendly platform.

We distribute their content to the most important retailers in Brazil and the rest of the world, guaranteeing that your eBook get farther and faster with transparency and safety.

To retailers, we provide more than 300 national publishers through only one contract. We simplify all the technology part, providing the structure you'll need to make your business viable.

Xeriph goes further and also offers creative solutions for your eBooks to reach even more readers every day. We have developed the most modern and safe digital libraries platform in the brazilian market, according to the model that has been a huge success in the whole world. Offer your catalog through our signature plan or develop your own personal catalog. Read more.

2009 – Gato Sabido

Gato Sabido has bet in eBooks, becoming a digital bookstore.

2010 – Xeriph

Due to the experience with the digital bookstore, the founders of Gato Sabido understood there should be necessary a company which would store and compile all content that was to come. Therefore, they created Xeriph, a brazilian eBook aggregator and distributor.

2013 – Abril

As part of its strategy to widen its participation in the digital content market, Abril Media, a company from Abril Group, acquired Xeriph. Our compromise to take information to an always growing public have revealed a perfect synchrony with Abril's vision.

What is our goal?

Xeriph is committed to the dissemination of knowledge, culture and entertainment with the tools the digital offers. We believe that knowledge accessible to all educates, transforms and turn our democratic intitutions even more solids.

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